Gabriele Gün Tank

Board Member @ Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Gabriele Gün Tank is the Commissioner for Migration and Integration of the borough Tempelhof-Schöneberg in Berlin. One of the main tasks of the Commissioner for Migration and Integration is to advise the government of the borough Tempelhof-Schöneberg in all matters regarding the migration policies of the borough.

A further task is to identify and analyze the barriers for immigrants and people of color in the area of social, economic and to develop strategies against them.This includes supporting all forms of immigrant participation and bringing forward initiatives against racism and xenophobia as well as initiatives that promote intercultural understanding and reduce discrimination on the individual as well as on the institutional level. The Commissioner for Immigrants supports organizations, institutions, networks and other self-organized immigrant groups active in Tempelhof-Schöneberg. As Commissioner she initiated the Network Inclusion Leaders together with Daniel Gyamerah (Head of Each One Teach One).

Mrs. Tank studied at the Faculty for Communication Science at the Marmara University in Istanbul(Turkey), where she graduated as a Journalist. After working as a freelancer, she served as Policy Advisor for Mechthild Rawert (Member of the German Bundestag). Since 2008 she is theCommissioner for Migration and Integration of the borough Tempelhof-Schöneberg in Berlin.

She is currently enrolled in the Executive Master of Public Administration at Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

Mrs. Tank serves as a board member to the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the organization BQN Berlin and the IG Metall Migration Committee Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony.

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