Oktay Durukan

Director @ Refugee Rights Turkey

Oktay Durukan is the director of Refugee Rights Turkey  ( /Mülteci Hakları Merkezi in Turkish), a non-governmental organization based in Istanbul that specializes in providing legal assistance and representation to asylum seekers, advocacy efforts for improvements in Turkey’s asylum legislation and policies, and capacity-building programs for lawyers and NGO assistance providers. As from March 2015, Refugee Rights Turkey constitutes the new organizational framework for the continuation of the well-recognized refugee legal aid, asylum advocacy and capacity-building activities previously carried out by the “Helsinki Citizens Assembly – Refugee Advocacy and Support Program”(HCA-RASP) in the 2005-2015 period.

In addition to leading the work of Refugee Rights Turkey, Oktay Durukan serves as the national coordinator for the ELENA Network of European Asylum Lawyers and Turkey country expert for ECRE’s European Asylum Information Database (AIDA) Project. Among his other associations, he also contributes to the work of International Detention Coalition (IDC) as a regional advisor and member of IDC’s International Advisory Committee.

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